Analysis of International Organizational and Management Standards in Midwifery

R Hassanzahraei, F Safdari Dehcheshmeh, S Ehsanpour


BACKGROUND: Today, moving toward high quality and efficient education is essential in educational systems. To
achieve it, management, research and educational programs should evolve consistent with the produced knowledge,
professional developments and standards. Regarding the important role of midwifery education in improvement of social
health, the current study was carried out to identify the international organizational and management standards in
midwifery education and to recommend appropriate national standards.
METHODS: This is a triangulation study which was fulfilled in 1381 and 1382, in seven steps. In first three steps, following
search and collection of standards of various countries, the survey tool which consists of the fields and recommended
standards was designed. In steps four to seven, these fields and standards were surveyed through an opinion
poll; using Delphi’s method. Sampling population was all the midwifery national board members and heads of midwifery
departments in governmental university which at least offer B. Sc of midwifery. The standards should be marked
as appropriate, relatively appropriate and inappropriate by participants. Finally, the data was analyzed using descriptive
analysis methods.
RESULTS: After analyzing the opinions; using Delphi’s method, the results were proposed as 37 recommended standards.
They were grouped as 13 standards in the field of missions and objectives and 24 standards in the field of organizational
and management structure.
CONCLUSIONS: Extracting organizational and management standards of midwifery and recommending the proper national
standards help the planners in defining the missions, visions and goals of the systems. It would also help the authorities
in designing proper organizational and management structure and evaluating the midwifery management system.
KEY WORDS: Organizational and management standards, quality improvement, midwifery education.

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