Interventions to decrease the mortality rate among pregnant women

Marjan Beigi, Zahra Javanmardi, Shahla Shahidi


BACKGROUND: Since the mortality rate of mothers and infants is due to preventable factors, this study aimed to determine the effects of interventions on decreasing the mortality rate of pregnant women in Isfahan province, Iran.

METHODS: This was an interventional study. The study population included all dead mothers in Isfahan province from 21 March 2002 to 20 March 2005 and after intervention from 21 March 2006 to 20 March 2007. Data were collected using a questionnaire completed by information on medical documents (clinical and health files) as well as interviewing families, physicians and the health personnel.

RESULTS: There were 47 death cases out of which 13 were caused by bleeding, 8 by Eclampsia, 9 by embolism, 2 cases by infection, 11 by background diseases, 2 by anesthesia complications, and 2 cases had unknown causes. After interventions, the mortality rate decreased from 15 cases in 2005 to 11 cases in 2006 and 8 cases in 2007. Also, the pattern of death causes changed, so that in 2007 there was no death caused by Eclampsia, and bleeding caused just one death.

DISCUSSION: Considering the results of this study, it is necessary to provide professional health care during pregnancy and delivery as well as counseling services before pregnancy or marriage.

KEYWORDS: Mothers' death, pregnancy care, childbirth

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