Iranian Effective Clinical Nurse Instructor evaluation tool: Development and psychometric testing

Hooman Shahsavari, Zohreh Parsa Yekta, Zahra Zare, Abdolhossain Emami Sigaroodi




 Background: Clinical education is the heart of the nursing education program. Effective nursing clinical instructors are needed for graduating the future qualified nurses. There is a well-developed body of knowledge about the effectiveness of clinical teaching and the instructors. However, translating this knowledge into a context-based evaluation tool for measuring the effectiveness of Iranian clinical nursing instructors remains a deficiency. The purpose of this study is to describe the development and psychometric testing process of an instrument to ealuate the characteristics of Iranian effective clinical nurse instructor.

 Materials and Methods: Following a precise review of Iranian literatures and expert consultation, 83 statements about the characteristics that make clinical nurse instructors effective were extracted. In the next phase, the psychometric properties of the instrument were established by looking at the content validity, face validity, and internal consistency. Content validity of the instrument was assessed based on the comments of an expert panel including 10 nursing faculty members. During this phase, 30 items of the instrument were omitted or merged. Face validity of the instrument was assured based on the advices of 10 nursing students and 10 nursing faculty members. Finally, in the pilot test, the data of 168 filled questionnaires were gathered and analyzed by an exploratory factor analysis to reduce the items and identify the factor structure of the instrument.

 Results: Through subsequent analyses, of the 83 items, 31 items were merged or omitted. At last, 52 retained items were divided into four subscales including student-centric behaviors, clinical performances, planning ability, and personality traits. The Cronbach’s alpha level of the inventory was 0.96, with the value for each domain ranging from 0.87 to 0.94.

 Conclusions:Iranian Effective Clinical Nurse Instructor evaluation tool has acceptable psychometric properties and can be used in evaluating the effectiveness of clinical nursing instructors.

Key words: Clinical education, effective instructor, evaluation tool, Iran, nursing

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