Comparing the effects of the second-and third-generation oral contraceptives on sexual functioning

Mahnaz Shahnazi, Somaye Bayatipayan, Azizeh Farshbaf Khalili, Fatemeh Ranjbar Kochaksaraei, Mohammad Asghari Jafarabadi, Kamala Gaza Banoi, Jila Nahaee



Background: The aim of this study was to compare the effects of the second- and third-generation oral contraceptives on women’s reproductive sexual function.

Materials and Methods: This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial was conducted on 82 married women of reproductive age in Tehran. Samples were randomized into the groups receiving second- and third-generation oral contraceptive pills. Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) tool was used before the intervention and 2 and 4 months after the intervention. Data analysis was carried out using analysis of variance (ANOVA) within repeated measures and P < 0.05 were considered signifi cant.

Results: There was a statistically signifi cant difference in the positive and negative moods between the experimental and control groups before the intervention in the second and fourth months. The second-generation pills caused a decrease in sexual function in the second month and an increase in sexual function in the fourth month, but the third-generation pills led to an increase in sexual function in the second and fourth months. The increase in sexual function that resulted from using the third-generation pills was signifi cantly higher than that resulted on using the second-generation pills.

Conclusions: According to the results of this study, sexual functioning decreased in the second month of using the second-generation pills and sexual performance was signifi cantly more on using the third-generation pills compared to second-generation pills. The most common type of oral contraceptive used in Iran is the second-generation oral contraceptive LD™ (low-dose estrogen), which is freely distributed in health centers. Therefore, it is necessary for women who wish to use these contraceptive methods to be educated and consulted before they start using them. The third-generation contraceptive pills can be recommended to women who wish to use oral contraceptives.

Key words: Second-generation combined oral contraceptives, sexual function, third-generation combine oral contraceptives

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