Life associated with fear and worry: A major concern among the cardiac valve-replaced patients

Mohsen Taghadosi, Robabeh Memarian, Fazlollah Ahmadi



Background: Few attempts were made for alleviating the physical/psychological problems among the cardiac valve–replaced patients and no comprehensive study was done based on the experiences of such patients. This study was undertaken to describe the stressful experiences of the heart valve-replaced patients.

Materials and Methods: In this qualitative study performed during 2012-2013 with a content analysis approach, 13 patients from Tehran and Kashan therapeutic centers participated. The study sampling was accomplished with purposeful sampling using a semi-structured interview that continued until data saturat ion. All interviews were recorded, and were immediately handwritten word by word and fi nally typewritten. Description and analysis of the data were done by Graneheim and Lundman content analysis.

Results: One hundred and seventy-fi ve primary codes were derived among the 680 codes taken from the participants interviewed. Using abstract and deep perception of the categories, 14 subcategories and 5 themes were derived. The themes are as follows: worry of care conditions, worry of life with the ongoing condition of having prosthetic cardiac valve, worry regarding the instability in life, fear of hospital, and fear of unknown factors. Each theme consisted of special subsidiary themes with specifi c functions.

Conclusions: The main themes of fear and worry about on losing the valve were identifi ed and introduced in the cardiac valve-replaced patients. As the nature and function of these themes are different in different societies, recognition and discrete defi nition of them are necessary for care planning and promotion.

Key words: Content analysis, fear, heart valve prosthesis, Iran

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