Effect of Vitagnus and Passi-pay on hot flash of menopause in women referred to health centers of Isfahan, 2002

Khadijeh Boroumand far, Mojgan Kazemian, Alireza Ghanadi


Introduction: Menopause is a period of life of women accompanied with changes and symptoms such as hot flash that affects women's work, social activities, sleep and quality of life. The common treatment of this symptom is hormone replacement therapy that has some adverse effects as well as complications. In this research, effects of two herbs, Vitex agnus castus and Passion flower, on hot flash were assessed.

Methods: This clinical trial was performed on 81 women aged 45-55 years, with hot flash referred for treatment. The subjects were randomly divided into three groups. Group one included those taking Vitagnus. Group 2 received Passi-pay and finally, control group took placebo. The women were interviewed and a questionnaire, which included demographic and hot flash characteristics (using Kupperman Index) was filled for each subject. Hot flash was assessed 24 hours before and 15-30 days after treatment.

Results: The findings showed a significant difference in the severity of hot flash, 30 days after treatment (P=0.04). There was a significant difference between placebo and Vitagnus groups (P=0.04). Also, there was a significant difference between placebo and Passi-pay groups (P=0.02).

Conclusion: Vitagnus and Passi-pay are effective in treatment of hot flash.


Hot flush, menopause, Vitagnus, passion flower.


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