Nurses’ experience and role in infants with natal teeth

Vishal Khandelwal, Alok Dubey, Sushma Khandelwal



         Mothers rely on nurses for help and advice on how to feed their babies. Without help,  any mothers see breastfeeding as a goal they cannot reach for themselves. So, the nurse plays a significant role in helping the mother to begin breastfeeding and to take pleasure in it; at one fell swoop, the mother provides her infant with optimum nutrition. However, nursing could be hampered when natal teeth, sometimes called fetal teeth, are present in the mouth of a baby at birth. Teeth erupted in the infant’s mount during the first month of life are termed as neonatal teeth. The normal eruption of the primary teeth typically begins at 6 months of age. Presence of these natal teeth is an uncommon  ondition, seen in 1 in 2000–3000 newborns.[1]

Various superstitions and folklore are associated with natal teeth, ranging from claims that the affected children were exceptionally favored by fate to the belief that they were doomed among races.[2]……

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