Are you a good candidate for lasik?

Nahid Shahgholian


Laser technology has been spreading in all scientific areas throughout the world and ophthalmology is not an exception. Nowadays, there are many ways to improve refractive errors such as myopia, but since lasik is safe and it doesn't carry dangers such as darkness of cornea, it has become popular. Yet, many patients are confused or hesitant to go through the surgery because of the lack of knowledge concerning the way operation could be done, the advantages and the drawbacks as well as probable problems. For these reasons, the writer of the article was so adamant to collect some information about the quality of life after lasik surgery. After a series of review, I can say that more than 95% of the patients who experienced lasik surgery for correction of myopia had a better quality of life.


Lasik, myopia, quality of life, visual acuity.


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