Relationship between general health of older health service users and their self‑esteem in Isfahan in 2014

Razieh Molavi, Mousa Alavi, Mahrokh Keshvari


Background: Self‑esteem is known to be one of the most important markers of successful aging. Older people’s self‑esteem is influenced by several factors that particularly may be health related. Therefore, this study aimed to explore some important general health‑related predictors of the older people’s self‑esteem.


Materials and Methods: In this study, 200 people, aged 65 years and older, who referred to health care centers were selected through stratified random sampling method. Data were collected by using Rosenberg’s self‑esteem scale and the 28‑item Goldberg’s general health questionnaire. Data were analyzed by Pearson’s coefficient tests and multiple regression analysis.


Results: Findings showed that the entered predictor variables accounted for 49% of the total variance (R2) of self‑esteem in the model (P < 0.001, F4,195 = 46.717). Three out of the four predictor variables including somatic signs, anxiety/insomnia, and depression, significantly predicted the self‑esteem. The results emphasized on the determinant role of both physical (somatic signs) and mental (anxiety/insomnia and depression) aspects of health in older patients’ self‑esteem.


Conclusions: The significant general health‑related predictors found in the present study emphasize on some of the significant points that should be considered in planning for improving older patients’ self‑esteem.


Aged people; general health; older adult; self-esteem

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