Factors affecting choice of contraceptive method in lactating mothers

Mahnaz Noroozi, Farmahini Farahani, Heidar Ali Abedi


Introduction: Mothers' desires and behaviors in postpartum period for choosing a contraceptive method are different. Apparently, fertility is a strong predictor for the desire of using a contraceptive method. The current research aimed to determine factors affecting choice of contraceptive method in lactating mothers.

Methods: This research was a cross-sectional study. The samples of this study comprised 383 lactating mothers referred to Isfahan health centers for family planning services, for the first time after delivery. The sampling method was simple random sampling and the data were collected with a questionnaire. SPSS and EPI softwares and descriptive and analytic statistical methods (ANOVA, chi-square and Fisher exact tests) were used in order to analyze the data.

Results: Results showed that the desire of having the last pregnancy, women's desires to have more children, the sex of children and husbands' desires to have more children were significantly related to the choice of contraceptive method (P<0.05).

Conclusion: On the basis of the results, knowledge of lactating mothers on various contraceptive methods must increase in family planning consultations. We should especially pay more attention to women who desire more children


Postpartum contraceptive method, lactating mother, fertility desires.


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