Investigating the effect of education based on need to prevent falling during activities of daily living among the elderlies referring to health centers of Isfahan

Marziyeh Ghasemi, Abdollah RezaeiDehaghani, Tayebeh Mehrabi


Background: Falling has a great importance among the elderlies. Even if no physical injury occurs, it can cause fear of fallingdown again and, consequently, reduce older adults’ activities. With regard to the prevalence of falling among older adults, its prevention is essential. Therefore, the present study was aimed to define the effect of need-based education on prevention of older adults’ falling during their everyday life activities.

Materials and Methods: This is a quasi-experimental study. Study population comprised all the older adults of age 60 years and over referring to health care centers in Isfahan. Through multiple random sampling, 15 older adults were selected from four health care centers. Data collection tool in the present study was Daily Activity Questionnaire.

Results: Results showed a significant difference between the mean of daily activity scores in the intervention group before, immediately after, and 1 month after the intervention (12, 13.6, and 13.5, respectively; P = 0.01). Meanwhile, there was no
significant deference between the scores immediately after and 1 month after the intervention. There was no significant difference observed between the three time points in the control group (mean = 12.3; P = 0.907).

Conclusion: Implementation of education concerning prevention of older adults’ falling led to improvement of their daily activity in the intervention group.

Key words: Accidental falls, accident prevention, activities of daily living, aged, education, education based on need, prevention of fall


Accidental falls; accident prevention; activities of daily living; aged; education; education based on need; prevention of fall

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