The effect of presence of trained husbands beside their wives during childbirth on women’s anxiety

Atefeh Salehi, Fariba Fahami, Marjan Beigi


Background: Childbirth is accompanied with enormous physical and emotional changes in mothers. Anxiety is the most common problem among these patients. This study was aimed to determine the effect of the presence of trained husbands beside their wives during childbirth on their anxiety.
Materials and Methods: In a randomized control trial, 84 primiparous women were enrolled in childbirth educational classes. Anxiety score was compared among three groups; without accompaniment (control), with accompaniment (doula), and with trained husband’s support before hospitalization at the time of admission and during the 4th stage of delivery. Data was analyzed using one‑way analysis of variance and least significant difference tests.
Results: The level of anxiety before hospitalization was not significantly different among the three groups (38.6, 39.2, and 38.4, respectively, in without accompaniment, with accompaniment (doula), and with trained husband’s support groups). This level was significantly different among groups during hospitalization (36, 42.1, and 59.1, respectively, as per previous groups’ order). The level of anxiety in the intervention group at 4th stage of delivery was significantly lower than other groups (31.4 versus 43.3 and 69.2, respectively with P < 0.001).
Conclusions: According to the results of this study presence of trained husbands beside their wives during delivery decreased mother’s anxiety. It is recommended to use this intervention during childbirth.


Anxiety; delivery; emotional support; Iran; primiparous women

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