Predicting Nurses’ Psychological Safety Based on the Forgiveness Skill

Abbas Rahmati, Maryam Poormirzaei


Background: Forgiveness, as an intentional denial of your right of anger and aversion from a harmful deed, is related to many psychological processes of human which results in more psychological safety for people. The present study aimed to predict the psychological safety of nurses through different dimensions of forgiveness skill.

Materials and Methods: This correlational study was conducted on 170 nurses working in Kerman hospitals during 2016–2017 who were selected based on convenience random sampling. Edmondson psychological safety and Thompson Heartland forgiveness scale were used for data collection. Data were analyzed through Pearson correlation coefficient and multiple regression model.

Results: TThe results indicated that psychological safety has a significant relationship with self‑forgiveness (p= 0.0001) and other‑forgiveness (p= 0.04).Further, only self‑forgiveness could significantly predict 0.07 of psychological safety variance (p= 0.003).

Conclusions: Self‑forgiveness skill can improve the nurses’ psychological safety and reduce the harms caused by job pressures by reinforcing positive psychological factors. It is recommended to teach forgiveness skill through holding in‑service classes to staff and study the relationship between psychological safety with other social life skills among nurses.


Forgiveness, Iran, nurse, safety

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