Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence with Happiness and Fear of Childbirth in Iranian Pregnant Women

Sedigheh Abdollahpour, Ahmad Khosravi


Background: Spiritual intelligence is a person’s ability to feel a connection to a higher power and a sacred entity. With regard to its relation with happiness, it can have an important effect on the mental health of pregnant women. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the relationship between spiritual intelligence and happiness and fear of childbirth in pregnant women.

Materials and Methods: This cross‑sectional study was conducted on 245 low‑risk pregnant women from June till September 2015. Using random cluster sampling method, the subjects were selected among the women who referred to health care centers in Shahroud (Northeast of Iran). After obtaining informed consent, the researchers evaluated the spiritual intelligence, happiness, and fear of childbirth. Data were analyzed using STATA12 and Chi‑square test, t‑test, analysis of variance, and Strucrural Equation Model.

Results: In this study, the spiritual intelligence mean (SD) score was 64.43(16.51).Comparison between mothers with and without fear of childbirth showed there was a significant difference between the spiritual intelligence score and happiness mean scores in these two groups. There is a negative correlation between spiritual intelligence and happiness with fear of childbirth (−0.73 and −0.69, respectively).

Conclusions: Increased level of spiritual intelligence in pregnant women can lead to an increase in their happiness and reduce their fear of childbirth. The fear of childbirth can be prevented via trainings to pregnant women about the components of spiritual intelligence; moreover, training the techniques to achieve more happiness can help mothers to reduce their fear of childbirth and hence promote natural childbirth.


Fear, happiness, intelligence, midwifery, pregnant women

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