Physical effects of thalassemia on adolescents

Mehri Golchin, Mahboobeh Karimi, Heidar Ali Abedi


Introduction: Teenage period is the most important and susceptible stage of human growth and development. Teenagers can be affected by chronic diseases. These patients are very hospital dependent and need various types of treatment and this puts them in more danger than the other teenagers with the same age. Therefore, physical experiences of these teenagers can be investigated to provide better care for them by nurses.

Methods: This was a qualitative phenomenological survey. The population studied was composed of teenagers with major thalassemia referred to Imam Reza clinic in Isfahan Sayed Shohada Hospital. The data were collected during two months by interview. The data were analyzed by Colaizzi seven-stage method.

Results: The findings of the research were classified into 46 codes and three categories as the followings: 1) physical effects related to disease process, 2) physical effects related to cure process, and 3) physical effects related to complications.

Conclusion: The thalassemic teenagers tolerated a lot of physical problems that can be treated to by a better care to make them feel more comfortable.

Key words: Life changes event or experiences, adolescent, thalassemia


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