A Survey on the level of knowledge and practice of barbers in preventing AIDS in Zabol

Eshagh Ildarabadi, Mohammad Godarzi, Maryam Heidari, Zahrasadat Hashemi


Introduction: AIDS is a special viral infection for which there is no suitable treatment available. Therefore, prevention is the most important priority. Because one way of HIV transmission is through body injury with sharp contaminated instruments, and barbers usually use these instruments, this study was conducted to determine the level of knowledge and practice of barbers on methods of preventing AIDS in Zabol.

Methods: This study was a descriptive analytic investigation. Samples (n=100) were selected from barbers in Zabol. The data were collected by a questionnaire that was completed by barbers.

Results: The results showed that 8% of barbers had low knowledge, 53% had average knowledge and 39% had high knowledge on AIDS preventing methods; 29% of barbers had low practice, 50% average and 21% had suitable practice in this field.

Conclusion: According to the results of this study, barbers knowledge and practice on AIDS preventing methods were poor; therefore, a different educational method is necessary to promote their knowledge and practice.


AIDS, Knowledge, Practice, Barber


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