Designing and Executing a Checklist for Evaluating Midwifery Students’ Practical Skills

Mansoureh Refaei, Hassan Ahmadini, Seyedeh-Zahra Masoumi, Arezoo Shayan


Background: This study aimed to design and execute a reliable checklist for evaluating midwifery  students’ clinical skills.

Materials and Methods: In this cross‑sectional study, 8 checklists were  designed and validated for midwifery procedures. The students’ performances were compared using  this method and two other evaluation methods.

Results: The face and content validity of all questions  were approved (content validity ratio and content validity index >0.80, inter‑rater reliability >0.50,  and Cronbach’s alpha >0.70). The rate of the students’ satisfaction was 19%, 14%, and 76% with  the nonchecklist method, the general checklist, and the designed checklist, respectively. Furthermore,  both students (F2,60 = 107.07, p < 0.004) and evaluators (F2,9 = 152.23, p < 0.001) gained significantly  higher attitude scores towards the new checklist compared to the two other methods.

Conclusions:  The designed checklist was quite reliable and valid for evaluating the midwifery students’ clinical  skills. 


Checklist, clinical competence, educational measurement, midwifery, students

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