The insight of nurses in patient training

Mohammad Ali Mohammadi, Behrooz Dadkhah


Introduction: The importance of patient training has been considered as a dimension of nursing science. Positive insight in patient training can affect practice of nurses. So, the goal of this search was evaluation of the insights of nurses on patient training.

Methods: In this study, 186 nurses were selected based on random cluster sampling method from different hospitals of Ardebil. The information was collected through Redman questionnaire.

Results: The findings showed that 47.8% of nurses had positive insight and 52.2% had negative insight. About 91.4% believed that patient training helps them to understand better the disease course. Although all nurses believed patient training is necessary, but 37.16% thought that this work is in the era of doctors' duties. The results of data analysis showed meaningful relation between nurses insight and changes of service, sex and marriage (P=0.50).

Conclusion: The results of this research showed that the nurses should be trained to upgrade their insights in patient training.


Training patient, sight, nurse.


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