Identifying and Responding to the Sexual Reproductive Health Needs of Women with Heart Disease: A Qualitative Study

Shahnaz Kohan, Minoo Movahedi, Masoumeh Sadeghi, Nafisehsadat Nekuei


Background: Recognizing the needs of women with heart disease in the field of reproductive health and meeting them can reduce the related complications. The aim of this study was to identify the sexual and reproductive health needs of these women.

Materials and Methods: The present study was conducted with qualitative approach (Content analysis). Ten married women of reproductive age with heart disease and 20 providers and managers in, Isfahan, Iran, were selected by using purposive and snowball methods (in 2020). The research setting included heart disease clinics, offices of health team, comprehensive health centers, and the Isfahan Maternal Health Department. Data were collected by semi‑structured individual face‑to‑face interviews in the clinic or other appropriate locations. Some interviews were conducted virtually. Analysis was performed by Qualitative contentment analysis / Conventional content analysis.

Results: Sexual and reproductive health needs of women with heart disease were emerged in five main categories, “planned childbearing,” “ssociocultural support,” “Early reproductive health care of girls,” “health team attention to sexual health,” and “health system revision.”

Conclusions: Providing comprehensive reproductive health services before and during pregnancy, family planning, and sexual health for women with heart disease is necessary. It seems that using a multidisciplinary team approach could improve their reproductive health.


Heart, Iran, preconception care, qualitative research, reproductive health

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