Comparison of the effects of Date Syrup with Saffron-Honey Syrup on the Progress of Labor in Nulliparous Women: A Single Blind Randomized Clinical Trial

Hana Sohrabi, Neda Shamsalizadeh, Farhad Moradpoor, Roonak Shahoei


Background: Assessing the progress of labor is a primary step in intrapartum care. This study was performed to assess comparison of the effects of date syrup with saffron–honey syrup on the progress of labor in nulliparous women.

Materials and Methods: A randomized single‑blind clinical trial study was conducted on 189 women who were referred to Bea’sat Hospital of Sanandaj from October 2019 to March 2020. Patients were randomly divided into three groups saffron–honey syrup, date syrup, and placebo syrup each including 63 cases. Each participant in the intervention and control groups received a maximum volume of 150 ml of saffron–honey syrup, date syrup, or placebo syrup. The syrups were given at the 4 cm dilation, and every 30–60 min until the end of the active phase of the first stage of labor. Data collection tools included a two‑part questionnaire and a partograph form. The results were analyzed by Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) 24 using Chi‑squared test, analysis of variance, and last significant difference as a post hoc test, the significance level was set at 0.05.

Results: The duration of the active phases of the first (F2 = 92.70, p < 0.01), second (F2 = 66.76, p < 0.01), and third (F2 = 12.34, p < 0.01) stages of labor was shorter in the date syrup and saffron–honey syrup groups than in the control group (p < 0.01). Additionally, both experimental groups exhibited no significant difference in terms of duration between the first (p = 0.312), second (p = 0.724), and third (p = 0.911) stages of labor.

Conclusions: Date syrup and saffron–honey syrup can be used as one of the safe and available herbal methods to facilitate labor.


Phoeniceae, honey, labor, obstetric, crocus

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