Low back pain prevalence rate among working nurses in Ardabil hospitals in 2002

Mohammad Ali Mohammadi, B Dadkhah, N Mozaffari


Introduction: Low back pain is an acute or chronic condition restricting people's physical activities. Nurses suffer from low back pain two folds more than ordinary people and lose more working days than usual. This survey was done to determine the prevalence of low back pain among nurses and its relationship with some of the demographic factors.

Methods: This survey was a cross-sectional study and the samples included working nurses in Ardabil hospitals. Data collection was done through arranged questionnaires. The low back pain criterion was self-expression of pain during the one week before interview. X2 test was used to investigate the association between personal factors and low back pain prevalence.

Results: Findings showed that the prevalence of low back pain in the studied nurses was %64. The highest prevalence was seen in those working less than 3 years (68.3%). Low back pain was more prevalent in females (73.8%) than in males (46.3%). Single individuals had the lowest low back pain prevalence (36.4%). The low back pain prevalence in the persons lifting things in a wrong way was 83.7% and there was a significant association between the method of lifting things and low back pain (P<0.05). Similarly, low back pain in nurses of pediatric wards (82.4%) and intensive care wards (75%) was more than that in nurses of other wards and the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). The mean work time of the injured individuals was less than that in non-injured ones (P<0.05). Low back pain prevalence in nurses working at night (76.8%) was more than that in nurses working in daytime (48.1%) and the difference was significant (P<0.05).

Conclusion: Given the high prevalence of low back pain in nurses (64.5%), correct method of patients displacement should be taught in the ward.


Low back pain, Nursing, Patient displacement


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