A survey of library studying problems of students

Mohammad Hassan Mohammadi, Reza Daryabeigi, Akbar Hasanzadeh


Introduction: Library and reading books are subjects that were evaluated by different cultural groups. Of the most important scientific-cultural organizations in every society are universities. Library is a conductive place for studying, understanding and giving information to the students. Knowing the problems in libraries and fulfillment of users expectations regarding various services available in libraries can enhance the efficiency and clients satisfaction.

Methods: This was a descriptive-analytic study. The data were collected by valid questionnaires prepared by researchers and included four sections investigating 50 different fields. The questionnaires were randomly distributed among 417 students from seven different schools of Isfahan University of Medical Science. The data were analyzed by SPSS.

Results: The results showed that the most important problems are problems of physical environments and library services such as Medline, journal subscription and internet access. Problems of physical environments included problems in noise, floor, light and color of library environments. There was a significant difference between library services such as being waited and time limitations (P<0.05). There was a significant difference in access to extra facilities between libraries of different schools.

Conclusion: It seems that constructions of library buildings in different schools do not follow an identical plan causing different physical problems. Regarding the different manner of services in different libraries, different degrees and working experience of library staff can cause such differences. Regarding the different access to computer services in different libraries, students' individual eagerness plays a major role.

Key Words: Students, Library, Reading Books


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