Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Educational Program in Oral Health for Midwives and Other Antenatal Care Providers in Iran

Reyhaneh Faghihian, Zahra Saied-Moallemi, Mehrnaz Zakizade, Elham Faghihian4,, Ajesh George, Somaye Abbasi


Background: Maintaining oral health during pregnancy has been considered an essential public health issue worldwide. One of the various preventive strategies is to train antenatal care providers to guide pregnant women. This study aimed to design, implement, and evaluate an educational program’s effect on the oral health‑related knowledge, attitudes, and practice of antenatal care providers in Iran.

Materials and Methods: All of the antenatal care providers working at Isfahan health centers were invited for this study in April 2019. A total of 340 volunteers (120 midwives and 220 others) finally participated in this interventional study with a pre‑test–post‑test design. A questionnaire was developed to assess the participants’ knowledge, attitudes, and practice before and after the intervention. A lecture‑based educational session containing similar issues asked in the questionnaire was held for all the participants. The participant’s total knowledge scores before and after the intervention, and their attitudes and practice were evaluated and compared through paired t‑test.

Results: The participants’ mean total knowledge scores before and after the intervention were 42.87 and 52.25, respectively. The paired t‑test revealed a statistically significant difference between pre‑ and post‑intervention scores (p < 0.001). The frequency of participants’ answers to attitude and practice questions was also determined.

Conclusions: Improving oral health‑related knowledge of antenatal care providers can be achieved through a single educational session designed by accurately assessing their needs. The participants’ attitudes revealed barriers to seeking dental care by pregnant women; however, the participants’ oral health‑related practice was acceptable.


Prenatal Care, oral health, pregnant women

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