Contraception Experiences of Young Women in Their First Years of Marriage

N Fathizadeh, Sh Tashi, H.A Abedi, A Kazemi


BACKGROUND: Pregnancy prevention is an important factor in women's life changing in various periods. Selection of
contraception method is personally unique and can bridge between their experiences and their unmet needs. The aim of
this study was to determine contraception experiences in the first years of marriage.
METHODS: This was a qualitative phenomenological study. The studied population was composed of young women in
their first years of marriage (before their first delivery). The data were collected with in-depth and unstructured interviews
and analyzed by Collaizi method.
RESULTS: The findings of the study were classified in 75 codes and four categories as following; Impedimental factors,
Motivating factors, Exchanging factors, Abandon factors.
CONCLUSIONS: Young women mentioned their positive and negative experiences of the first years of marriage. Their
experiences are useful to promote the quality of services to fulfill their needs.
KEY WORDS: Experiences, contraception methods, first years of marriage

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