The Status of Geriatric In Hospital Nursing Care from the Perspective of Nurses Working in the Emergency Department of Hospitals in the Northwest of Iran in 2020

Indira Modarres Sadraei, Behrouz Dadkhah, Naser Mozaffari, Mohammad Ali Mohammadi


Background: The evaluation of geriatric care in the emergency departments is necessary to improve the quality of care. This study aimed to determine the status of geriatric nursing care from the perspective of nurses working in the emergency department of hospitals.

Materials and Methods: This study was a cross‑sectional research study. Through census sampling, 252 nurses working in the emergency departments of hospitals of Ardabil Province were selected. The status of elderly care was assessed using the Geriatric In‑Hospital Nursing Care Questionnaire. Data were analyzed using independent and one‑sample t‑tests and analysis of variance.

Results: The mean (GerINCQ) score of the participants [mean (SD): 237.30 (75.30)] was significantly higher than the criterion score (201) (p = 0.001). The scores of the sub‑scales of perception of elderly care [mean (SD): 45.42 (7.53)], aging‑sensitive care delivery [mean (SD): 41.55 (10.25)], professional responsibility [mean (SD): 39.62 (9.86)], and attitude toward caring for elderly [mean (SD): 56.14 (12.53)] were significantly higher than the standard score (p = 0.001). However, the score of performed intervention [mean (SD): 38.36 (8.42)] was significantly (p = 0.02) lower than the criterion score (39). The score of professional responsibility and attitude toward elderly care was higher in women than men, and this difference was statistically significant (p < 0.05).

Conclusions: The results showed that aging‑coordinated care delivery, professional responsibility, and attitudes and perceptions of nurses toward elderly care were satisfactory, but performed intervention was unfavorable. According to the results of this study, nursing service managers can improve the quality of elderly nursing care through appropriate policies, fixing the workforce shortage, and closely monitoring elderly care in the emergency departments.


Emergency Service, hospital, geriatric nursing, nurses

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