Exploring Factors affecting Missed Nursing Care in Cardiovascular Care Units: A Qualitative Study

Fatemeh Amrolahi-Mishavan, Abdolhossein Emami Sigaroudi, Fatemeh Jafaraghaee, Hooman Shahsavari, Saman Maroufizadeh, Mohammad Babaeipour-Divshali


Background: Cardiovascular care units are among the most crucial departments in any healthcare system. In these units, nurses play the most pivotal roles, and the quality of nursing care is essential; missing certain aspects of care can have irreversible adverse effects on patient health. This qualitative study aims to investigate the factors influencing Missed Nursing Care (MNCs) based on the experiences of nurses and patients in cardiovascular care units.

Materials and Methods: This qualitative study utilized the conventional content analysis approach to explore the factors affecting MNCs in cardiovascular care units. Data were collected between December 2021 and September 2022 through in‑depth, semi‑structured individual interviews with 11 participants selected through purposive sampling. Data analysis followed the five‑step method proposed by Graneheim and Lundman.

Results: The analysis revealed five main themes: nurse’s job characteristics, work–life conflict, nurse’s professional competence, the cardiac work environment atmosphere, and organizational management.

Conclusions: The findings of this study suggest that authorities should consider factors such as understanding the occupational characteristics of nurses when assigning them to cardiovascular care units, providing solutions to mitigate work–life conflicts for nurses, enhancing nurses’ professional competence, improving the working environment for nurses, and enhancing the performance and skills of organizational managers.


Cardiovascular nursing, missed nursing care, nursing care left undone, qualitative research

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