Quality of patients' cares in the recovery wards

M Rafieian, H Naji, Kh Tavakol


BACKGROUND: Each member of society needs suitable services in recovery wards including patient safety in the ward,
improvement and taking care of patients after surgery and anesthesia in order to decrease undesirable evidences, mortality
and morbidity. The special characteristic of recovery cares is nursing cares. The nurse is one of the effective members
of a health group and her/his effective role in admitting, preparing, caring, and physical, moral and social supports
of patient is accepted by all experts of medical sciences. The aim of the present study was to determine standards observance
in the recovery wards of the treatment centers of Isfahan University of Medical sciences (IUMS) in 2003.
METHODS: This was a descriptive study with easy sampling. The quality of cares given by personnel of recovery wards
after anesthesia was determined by using questionnaire and checklist. Obtained data was analyzed by SPSS software.
RESULTS: This study showed that in the recovery ward, most of the cases were managed near the standard status. Based
on the criteria of patient discharge from recovery wards, the results demonstrated that nurses observed the criteria in
most of the cases; only in reporting description of events during and after operation, 68.8% were substandard.
DISCUSSION: Since the side effects of anesthesia may appear during the transfer of patient to the recovery room, in recovery
room or even after transferring to the ward, so a codified recovery room care plan and professional and skilled
personnel who have the ability to observe standards in recovery room can be effective in prevention and treatment of
these side effects.
KEY WORDS: Quality of cares, recovery cares, recovery ward.

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