Comparing the current process of schizophrenic patients discharge from psychiatric wards of the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences hospitals and the standard process

Elaheh Ashori, Saeid Pahlavanzadeh, Zahra Ghazavi, Tayebe Mehrabi, Jahangir Maghsoudi Ganjeh, Mohsen Yazdani, Mahmoud Nasiri, Rezvan Ismaeili


BACKGROUND: Discharging from hospital is one of the most complicated issues in health system. This process should follow standard clinical criteria and needs mutual cooperation of the hospital and society. Psychiatric patients, nowadays, are hospitalized only for the severe period of their sickness and after that they are returned to the society. This study compares the current discharge process with the standard process.

METHODS: This was a cross-sectional, descriptive-comparative study on 52 schizophrenic patients discharging from hospitals. Samples were selected with convenient method from psychiatric centers during a period of 4 months. Data were collected using a standard checklist and the items considered at the time of discharge. Data were analyzed using SPSS software, by descriptive and inferential statistical methods.

RESULTS: The findings showed that in 93.4% of patients hospitalized in the psychiatric wards, the indexes of discharge process were followed to some extent and in 3.6% of cases, the indexes were followed thoroughly. Also, comparison between the mean scores of indexes that followed during discharging schizophrenic patients from psychiatric wards with the standard process showed a significant difference (p < 0.005).

CONCLUSION: Considering that the standard indexes of discharging process were followed just in a small percentage of patients, it is important to include educational plan in the discharging process on the importance of medications, control of hallucinations and delusions and suicidal thoughts for patients' families and in general acquainting the patients and their families with health center.

KEY WORDS: Discharging process, schizophrenia, psychiatric wards.

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