Four hour ambulation after angioplasty is a safe practice method

Mahin Moeini, Fatemeh Moradpour, Sima Babaei, Mohsen Rafieian, Alireza Khosravi


BACKGROUND: During the last 3 decades, there were increasing tendency towards angioplasty because of its benefits. But, this procedure has its acute problems like bleeding and formation of hematoma in the removal place of the sheet. Based on researchers’ clinical experiences, patients need a time of 8-12 hours for bed rest after coronary angioplasty. Recognizing desirable time for bed rest after angioplasty and remove the arterial sheet forms the foundation of related researches in the world. Getting out of bed soon after angioplasty, causes more comfortable feelings, less hospitalization period, fewer side effects of prolonged bed rest and less hospitalization expenses. Regarding less time for bed rest after angioplasty, the aim of this study was to assess the effect of the time of getting out of bed after angioplasty on the complications after removing the sheet in coronary angioplasty patients.

METHODS: This was an experimental clinical study conducted in one step and two groups. Samples were included 124 angioplasty patients (62 in each group) who were chosen randomly from the CCU of Shahid Chamran hospital of the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 2007. Data were gathered by observing and evaluating the patients, using a questionnaire and a checklist. After angioplasty, patients from the intervention group were taken out of bed in 4 hours and patients from the control group were taken out of bed in 8 hours. After taking out of bed, patients were examined for bleeding and formation of hematoma in the place of taking out the arterial sheet. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics via SPSS software.

RESULTS: Results showed no meaningful difference between the two groups after getting out of bed (p > 0.05) regarding relative frequency of bleeding (p = 0.50), formation of hematoma (p = 0.34) and average diameter of hematoma (p = 0.39).

CONCLUSIONS: Results of this study showed that reducing the bed rest time to 4 hours after removing the arterial sheet of size 7 do not increase bleeding and formation of hematoma in the removal place of the sheet. So, those angioplasty patients who do not have critical clinical condition and their vital symptoms are stabilized will be able to get out of bed 4 hours after removing the sheet.

KEY WORDS: Angioplasty, getting out of bed, removing the sheet, femoral arterial sheet, rest in bed.

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