Effect of management on job satisfaction of the staff and employees in hospitals

R Hassanzadeh, A Etesami


Introduction: This research studied the effect of management on job satisfaction of the staff and employees in hospitals. Communication covers a wide range of data exchange including facts, hypotheses, behaviors, attitudes and feelings between two or more people. The effective communication increases the job satisfaction among employees and finally, enhances the efficiency of the organizations.

Methods: This was a descriptive analytic study. The sample composed of 199 subjects (136 women and 65 men) working in Imam Khomeini Hospital and Shahid Chamran Hospital in Brojerd. They were selected randomly by stratified sampling method. "Effective communication" and "job satisfaction" questionnaires were used to collect the data.

Results: There was a significant relationship between the effective communication of managers and the job satisfaction of the staff and employees. There was also a significant relationship between employees awareness of all job aspects and their job satisfactions.

Conclusion: The above results showed that the appropriate manner of communication (obvious, clear, verbal, etc.) has a positive effect on job satisfaction of the nurses and employees. The managers can cause job satisfaction and group refreshment by making appropriate and efficient interactional communication system


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