Change of blood pressure and clinical signs in patients with shock wave lithotripsy treatment

Mehdi Behzad Nejad, Nasrollah Alimohammadi, H Karimi


Introduction: Today, shock wave lithotripsy is one of the progressive methods in treatment of kidney stones. This method has made a revolution in treatment of kidney stones although it has some complications too. This survey was done to study changes of blood pressure and clinical signs during and after shock wave lithotripsy in Noor Hospital in Esfahan.

Methods: In this study, 60 patients with kidney and ureteral stones were chosen by convenience sampling method. Changes of blood pressure and other clinical signs before, during and after shock wave lithotripsy were recorded.

Results: The mean blood pressure was significantly different during treatment when compared with those before and after shock wave lithotripsy (P< 0.001). Clinical signs before treatment included pain of stone place in %??? of patients and urinary burn in %4 while these numbers changed to %56.5 and %%52.5 during shock wave lithotripsy, respectively and to %16.5 and %10 after treatment, respectively.

Conclusions: This group of patients showed changes of blood pressure, and clinical signs like pain and urinary burn. Then, we advise that the patients be informed about these changes.


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