Comparison of serum saturated transferrin in breast fed and formula fed infants in selected health care centers of Isfahan

Zahra Abdeyazdan, M Uolchin


Introduction: The importance of breast-feeding has been shown in health maintenance of infants and mothers. Iron is one of the specially important minerals in human milk. In intestine, 49% of human milk iron and 10% of formula milk iron is absorbed. In current economical condition, formula fed infants are fed with diluted formula milks. We planned this study with the purpose of comparison of serum saturated transferrin between infants on breast feeding and those on formula feeding.

Methods: This was a historical cohort study in 15 formula fed infants and 23 breast fed infants. Serum iron and total iron binding capacity were measured and saturated transferrin was calculated and compared between the two groups.

Results: Data did not show any meaningful difference in saturated transferrin between the two groups.

Conclusion: Absence of difference in saturated transferrin between the two groups could be due to low number of cases. A more extensive study with higher number of cases is warranted


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