Patients experiences of cardiac rehabilitation effects

Mohsen Shahriari, Homan Shahsavari, Nasrollah Alimohammadi, Mohsen Rafieian


Background: Cardiac rehabilitation is used for preventing disease progression, improving quality of life, reducing disability
and mortality in cardiovascular disease. Numerous studies mentioned cardiac rehabilitation effects on patients, but
the structure of its effects is not absolutely defined. The aim of this study was to identify and describe the patient’s experiences
of cardiac rehabilitation effects.
Methods: It was a descriptive phenomenological study. Its participants were patients with cardiovascular accidents, participating
in cardiac rehabilitation programs in Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Center in 2006 selected by purposed
sampling. Deep semi structured interview with 8 participants was done and data were analyzed by Collaizi method.
Results: Four obtained themes were "now I know", "to be able", "well being" and "healthy family".
Conclusion: the structure of rehabilitation effects reflected in knowledge, physical and psychosocial aspects that improve
participants and their family's quality of life.
Key words: Cardiac rehabilitation, rehabilitation effects, experience

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