The study of optimal nursing position in health care delivery system in Iran

Maryam Sadat Shahshahani, Shayesteh Salehi, Mohammad Rastegari, Abdollah Rezayi


BACKGROUND: In the recent decade, due to the overwhelming importance of health and prevention of diseases, nurses, having the most number of the health care team, are acting in any positions of the health care delivery system; because nursing have a key role in promotion of health and health care everywhere. The objective of this research was to study the desired positions of nursing in the health care delivery system in Iran.

METHODS: This research is a multiple triangulation study done on three steps during 2005-2007. At the first step the positions of nursing have been elicited out of library and internet sources. At the second step, the comments of 15 participants have been collected by means of an open questionnaire. Thereafter, at the third step, using the data collected in the first and second step, a questionnaire was made up for a poll (all over the country) on the optimal positions of nursing in Iran, and 64 participants replied. The results were analyzed by means of descriptive statistics.

RESULTS: Finally, the positions were categorized in two groups: hospital, and community positions. The results showed that all positions were accepted more than 70%.

CONCLUSIONS: Overall, considering the positions of nursing and in order to promote the nursing itself and community health, it is suggested that proper planning be implemented for the nurses’ activities in these positions by the health planners.

KEY WORDS: Nursing, position, health care delivery system.

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