Psychiatric team's experience of working in psychiatric wards

Victoria Omrani Fard, Tayebeh Mehrabi, Nasrin Fanian



BACKGROUND: Psychiatric team has an important in treating and taking care of psychiatric patients. Using this team's experience seems necessary for enhancing care services. The aim of this study was to assess psychiatric team's experience of working in different psychiatric groups.

METHODS: This is a study with qualitative method or phenomenology approach. Samples were chosen using purposive sampling method. Samples included 10 personnel from psychiatric wards of 4 hospitals in Isfahan city in 2007. Data was gathered using deep interviews which were recorded on tapes. Data was analyzed using Kleizi's 7 steps method.

RESULTS: Results from participants' experiences were summarized in 3 main concepts: "communication", "ability" and "conflict"; and 5 sub concepts: "cooperation", "self acknowledgement", "hope", "qualification" and "multiple roles".

CONCLUSIONS: Results of this study could be used in future programming to enhance care services for psychiatric patients in hospitals.

KEY WORDS: life experiences, qualitative research, hospital psychiatric department, Psychiatric nursing.

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