The comparative examination of the effect of two oxytocin administration methods of labor induction on labor duration stages

Parvin Bahadoran, Juliana Falahati, Zahra Shahshahan, Maryam Kianpour


  • BACKGROUND: Oxytocin is the most consumed medication in modern midwifery. The consumption of oxytocin in inducing and strengthening delivery in delivery wards requires an efficient method for making use of this medication with maximum effect and minimum side effects. In this regard, this study has been conducted aiming at comparing the effect of two methods of prescribing oxytocin in inducing delivery on the duration of stages.
  • METHODS: The present study is of a clinical trial kind with three-blinded parties which was conducted in 2010 on 120 research volunteers who had the inclusion criteria. The samples were randomly assigned into two groups of control and experiment. The data collection means consisted of a questionnaire and a checklist. In order to analyze the data, the SPSS software, version 17, Student T-test and Chi-square test were used.
  • RESULTS: There was no statistically significant difference between two groups regarding the duration of the first and the first stages and the active phase. The duration of the third stage of delivery was shorter than the group which had stopped using oxytocin at the active phase. There has been no significant difference between the mean of oxytocin dosage from the initiation of the delivery induction till the active phase. The mean of oxytocin dosage has been significantly different between two groups during all stages of delivery so much so that this rate has been lower in the experiment group
  • CONCLUSIONS: The results of the data analysis show that the continuation of oxytocin after the active phase not only does not have any advantage regarding the shortening of duration of stages and its cutting but also it leads to a decrease in the consumption dosage of oxytocin in the active phase and the second stage of delivery and on the other hand leads to a decrease in the side effects of the medication on mother and infant.
  • KEY WORDS: Oxytocin, delivery induction, delivery stages, intensified contractions

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