Evaluation of midwifery students’ competency in providing intrauterine device services using objective structured clinical examination

Fatemeh Erfanian, Talaat Khadivzadeh


  • BACKGROUND: Delivering IUD services is one of the important competencies that midwifery students must obtain during academic period. As Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) can be reasonably reliable, valid and objective method for clinical skills assessment, this study was conducted to assess midwifery students` skill in delivering intrauterine device (IUD) services using a clinical examination and their satisfaction from the OSCE.
  • METHODS: All of the 62 eligible Bachelor of Science midwifery students of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences participated in a ten-station OSCE about delivering IUD services for 50 minutes in 2006. Students performed technical skills or interacted with standard patients in 6 stations and in 4 stations they answered to the related questions. Students’ performance in 6 stations was rated by observer or standard patients using validated checklists. Students’ level of satisfaction and also their experience of participating in OSCE examination were gathered.
  • RESULTS: Performance of 98.2% of students was poor. On average, the students gained 49% of total score in counseling and screening, 35.7% in inserting the IUD, 40% in IUD removal and 24.4% in management of IUD side effect. Eighty percent of students rated their satisfaction from the OSCE high and very high. Students reported the OSCE as an enjoying examination experience.
  • CONCLUSIONS: students’ skill in delivering IUD services was lower than expected level that shows the need to change the current teaching methods. OSCE is a valid evaluation method which provides valuable information which cannot be obtained by more traditional assessment modalities. Based on the finding of this study a workshop program on providing IUD services for midwifery students and family planning providers should be prepared.
  • KEY WORDS: Objective structured clinical evaluation, midwifery education, competency, intrauterine device.

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