Factors contributing to medication errors in Jordan: a nursing perspective

Mohammad Al-Shara


  • BACKGROUND: Significant efforts have been directed to understand medication errors in recent years. Therefore, this study was conducted to determine the factors contributing to medication errors and related areas for improvement, as perceived by nurses.
  • METHODS: Two hundred registered nurses were asked to complete a questionnaire which asked them to identify types, stages and issues perceived as contributing factors to medication errors.
  • RESULTS: Out of 200 delivered questionnaire, a total of 126 of registered nurses responded or completed the questionnaire representing a 63% response rate. The leading types of medication errors were wrong patient (26.2%) and wrong dosage (26.2%). The highest level of medication errors were 48.4%, 31.7% and 11.1% related to nurses, physicians and pharmacists, respectively. In addition, the leading causes of medication errors were due to heavy workload (41.4%) and new staff (20.6%).
  • CONCLUSIONS: A wide range of factors perceived as contributing factors of medication errors were identified. These results provide valuable information that could be used to improve the medication system in Jordan.
  • KEY WORDS: Medication errors, medication therapy management, patients, safety, Jordan, nursing.

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