The impact of Synergy Model on nurses’ performance and the satisfaction of patients with acute coronary syndrome

Asghar Khalifehzadeh, Mahdi KarimyarJahromi, Ahmadreza yazdannik


  • BACKGROUND: Despite many progresses in the improvement of care status and the management of acute coronary syndrome, cares quality is far from the desirable conditions. Today, due to the great emphasis on resources management, costs control, the effectiveness of patient care, improving quality and responsibility, the good patient care is necessary. Two dimensions are referred for improving the quality: process (standard- based and safe services) and resultant (client satisfaction). The present study, aimed at determining the impact of Synergy Model on nurses’ performance and the satisfaction of the patients with acute coronary syndrome.
  • METHODS: In a quasi- experimental study in a two-group and two-step form, a sample of 22 nurses and 64 patients with acute coronary syndrome in cardiac intensive care units of some university hospitals in 2010-2011 were recruited. Synergy Model was explained and carried out for the studied groups in a workshop and its impact on nurses performance in different areas and patients’ satisfaction was examined by using two checklists: “examining the nurses’ performance quality” and “examining the patients satisfaction”.
  • RESULTS: Differences between the mean scores of the nurses in communicative, supportive, care and educational domains and total performance were statistically significant before and after the intervention (p < 0.001). However, in therapeutic domain, changes were not significant. There was a statistically significant difference between the average satisfaction score of the two groups (p < 0.001).
  • CONCLUSIONS: Applying Synergy Model as a basis for receiving nursing cares was effective in increasing patient satisfaction and in the performance of nurses of cardiac intensive care units.
  • KEY WORDS: Nurses performance, patient’s satisfaction, synergy model, acute coronary syndrome.

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