Clinical learning environment in viewpoint of nursing students in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Azad Rahmani, Vahid Zamanzadeh, Farahnaz Abdullah-zadeh, Mojgan Lotfi, Soheila Bani, Shirin Hassanpour


  • BACKGROUND: Clinical learning environment (CLE) is an important factor in clinical education of nursing students. The CLE of nursing students has been less studied in Iran. Therefore, the aim of present study was to investigate the viewpoints of nursing students in Tabriz nursing faculty regarding CLE.
  • METHODS: In this descriptive study, 133 nursing students participated. For data collection the CLE inventory was used that assesses six aspects including personalization, cooperation, task orientation, innovation, satisfaction with clinical education, and satisfaction with clinical instructors. The score ranged from 46 to 184 and scores below 115 were considered as a negative.
  • RESULTS: The average score of viewpoint regarding CLE was 108.4 (12.7) and 93.2% of students had a negative viewpoint about CLE.
  • CONCLUSIONS: Educational authorities should have special attention to the quality of CLE of nursing students.
  • KEY WORDS: Nursing students, education, teaching, clinical learning environment.

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