Reviewing the nursing students’ views toward OSCE test

Seyyed Abbas Hosseini, Nahideh Fatehi, Jalil Eslamian, Mehrangiz Zamani


  • BACKGROUND: One of the essential components of learning and educational program is evaluation or examination. There are various methods for evaluating clinical skills among which objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) has been recognized as the most reliable method for evaluation of the clinical skills.
  • METHODS: This was a one-step single-group descriptive study which was conducted through a researcher-made questionnaire.
  • RESULTS: Results indicated that the view of most of the students in OSCE test has been good in terms of equipment and facilities with relative frequency of 59.2 percent, conditions of holding the examination with relative frequency of 50.9% and total test with relative frequency of 55.1%; in terms of physical environment, students’ view was moderate with relative frequency of 469%.
  • CONCLUSIONS: The results of the study showed that appropriateness of physical environment and equipment and facilities to hold OSCE can directly be involved in enhancing the quality of this test.
  • KEY WORDS: Evaluation, education, nursing students.

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