Effects of evening primrose oil and vitamin E on the severity of periodical breast pain

Nahid Fathizadeh, Leila Takfallah, Soheila Ehsanpour, Mahbobeh Namnabati, Sedigheh Askari


Background: Women's role in family and their participation in social, economical and cultural activities make them a part
of development process. Paying attention to women's health is a social investment. Nowadays 70% of women suffer from
breast pain and two third of these pains are periodical. Among the pain killing methods, herbal medicine is more compatible
with human body and has fewer side effects because the drugs are natural. This study aimed to find the effects of evening
primrose oil and vitamin E on the severity of periodical breast pain in women.
Methods: It was a single-blind semi-experimental study. The studied sample included 66 women 18-40 years of age suffering
from breast pain and tenderness referred to ten health centers of Isfahan in 2007. Sampling method was simple random.
The patients were divided into two groups to receive evening primrose oil or vitamin E. Severity of pain was assessed by
Cardiff chart before and after one month of intervention. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics via
SPSS software.
Results: The severity of periodical breast pain in both groups decreased significantly before and after the medication (in
both groups, p < 0.05)).
Conclusion: According to the findings, evening primrose oil decrease the severity of pain and it is more effective and better
than the known and common vitamin E medicine.
Key words: Primrose oil, vitamin E, periodical breast tenderness, periodical breast pain

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