Effectiveness of massage therapy on the mood of patients after open-heart surgery

Sima Babaee, Zahra Shafiei, Mohsen Mir Mohammad Sadeghi, Ahmadreza Yazdan Nik, Mahboobeh Valiani


  • Background: Cardiovascular diseases have the highest death rates in human society. Coronary artery disease is among the most important of these diseases. No treatment of cardiovascular disease has as much impact on the quality of life of the patients as the heart surgery. The recovery from heart surgery is associated with symptoms of pain and psychological distress. In the early recovery period, the patients will face moderate symptoms of anxiety and depression. In this regard, various measures of nursing, as complementary therapy practices have been performed to help the patients for overcoming the physical and psychological needs. One of these methods, in recent years has been the use of complementary and alternative therapies, particularly massage therapy, after heart surgery. Thus, the aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of massage therapy on the mood of patients after open-heart surgery in Isfahan Chamran Hospital during 2010-11.
  • Materials and Methods: In this study 72 patients, who underwent coronary artery bypass surgery, were selected. They were randomly assigned to the two case and control groups. The patients of the case group (n = 36) received Swedish massage for 20 minutes in 4 sessions in 4 consecutive days, 3 to 6 days after the open-heart surgery. The patients in the control group received only the routine care. The mood questionnaire (POMS) which was used in this study has been completed the day before the start of the study and intervention and again after the last day of the intervention. SPSS software version 12 and descriptive and inferential statistical methods were used for data analysis.
  • Findings: The comparison of study results showed that massage decreased the overall rating of the patients’ mood after the surgery.
  • Conclusions: The use of massage therapy as an effective nursing intervention can improve the patients’ mood after open-heart surgery. Due to the low cost and simplicity of this method, it can perhaps be used as a complement to drug therapy and postoperative interventions used in these patients.
  •  Key words: Massage, mood, heart surgery

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