The effect of spiritual care on spiritual health of patients with cardiac ischemia

Mahin Moeini, Tahereh Momeni Ghale Ghasemi, Hojatollah Yousefi, Heidarali Abedi


  • Background: Spiritual well-being (SWB) of patients with cardiovascular diseases particularly in those admitted in coronary care unit (CCU) is threatened due to disease crisis. Therefore, implementing spiritual care is necessary for them. This study aimed to determine the effect of spiritual care program on SWB of patients with cardiac ischemia admitted in CCU in Al-Zahra Hospital, Isfahan, Iran.
  • Materials and Methods: In a single blind randomized clinical trial, 64 ischemic patients in CCU were randomly divided into test and control groups. Spiritual care program included supportive presence, rituals and using supportive systems for 3 days. Spiritual Well-being Questionnaire were completed before and after the intervention for the both groups.
  • Findings: Mean scores of SWB had no significant difference between the two groups before the intervention (p = 0.84). Mean score of existence dimension (p < 0.001) and mean total score of SWB (p < 0.001) in the test group showed a significant difference comparing before and after the intervention; however, it was not significant in the control group
    (p = 0.17). Mean existence dimension (p = 0.01) and mean total score SWB (p = 0.01) had a significant difference between test and control groups after the intervention; however, there was no significant difference in mean score of religious dimension between the two groups after the intervention (p = 0.25).
  • Conclusions: The spiritual care program promoted the SWB of ischemic patients in existence dimension and overall score, and nurses can use these programs to promote patients’ SWB.
  • Key words: Coronary artery disease, nursing, spirituality

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