Internal motivations and barriers effective on the healthy lifestyle of middle-aged women: A qualitative approach

Behnaz Enjezab, Ziba Farajzadegan, Fariba Taleghani, Abbas Aflatoonian


  • Background and Objective: A healthy lifestyle is one of the basic health promotion strategies. Several factors are involved in shaping health promotion behaviors. The internal barriers are the opinion and feelings that surround the individual and are the reasons that complicate the change of behavior. The aim of this study was to identify internal motivations and barriers effective on the healthy lifestyle in middle-aged Iranian women.
  • Materials and Methods: This is a qualitative study based on content analysis of indepth semi-structured interviews with 21 middle-aged women in the city of Yazd, selected using purposeful sampling approach. The interviews continued until data saturation was reached; and the interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed exactly. The transcripts were analyzed.
  • Results: Five main themes emerged from the analysis of the interviews. Women’s knowledge of health-promoting behaviors; importance of health and healthy behavior of women; Affliction or fear of affliction to chronic disease and its consequences; and responsibilities of women in the family and society: skills of life management in women.
  • Discussion and Conclusion: The findings suggest that empowering individual participants in health promotion is the most important factor determining their health. Thus the design of appropriate programs, for to education and empowerment of people , is essential to promoting health. Health policy makers, with knowing of these factors, can design comprehensive, socialization programs to promote women’s health.
  • Key words: Health promotion, Iran, motivation, qualitative research, women’s health

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