Satisfaction levels about hospital wards environment among adolescents hospitalized in adult wards vs. pediatric ones

Narges Sadeghi, Zahra Abdeyazdan, Marzieh Ziaei - Rad, Behnaz Torkan, Minoo Motaghi


Background: Adolescents admitted to hospital are either surrounded by children or adults. However, age-appropriate facilities are often not provided to meet the needs of adolescents, which should be incorporated in the wards. This study compares the satisfaction level about physical environment of the wards among adolescents who have been admitted to pediatric and adult wards.

Materials and Methods: In a cross-sectional study, 200 adolescents aged 10–19 were selected from adult and pediatric wards and studied for their level of satisfaction about physical environments of selected wards in Isfahan city.

Results: Among the adolescents surveyed in adult and pediatric wards, 44% and 54% reported high satisfaction levels with physical aspects of the ward environment and its facilities, respectively. The average satisfaction level among adolescents in pediatric wards was higher than among adolescents in adult wards (P = 0.04). However, no significant difference was found between age, number, and length of hospital admissions, insurance, and satisfaction levels with physical aspects of the ward environment and facilities.

Conclusions: Adolescents reported better satisfaction with the pediatric wards’ environment compared to adults’ ward. They require specialized wards to meet their needs according to their developmental period. If not available, facilities should be provided in pediatric wards where adolescents have reported better satisfaction with the wards’ environment.

Key words: Adolescents, environment, hospital, hospitalization, patient satisfaction

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