The effect of yoga on coping strategies among ICU nurses

Tayebeh Mehrabi, Fatemeh Azadi, Saeid Pahlavanzadeh, Niloofar Meghdadi


Introduction: Nowadays, it has been known that individuals handle coping strategies when faced with stressful events. These strategies play an important role in individuals. Nurses are exposed to high  stress, which directly affects their job satisfaction and the quality of their services. Therefore, the present study tried to investigate the effect of Yoga on stress coping strategies among nurses working in intensive care units (ICUs).

Materials and Methods: In this quasi-- experimental study, 34 female nurses working in ICU who were qualified to enter the study were selected. Yoga exercises were administrated two sessions a week for eight 8 weeks in the study group. CS--R questionnaire was filled before and after intervention. The data were analyzed by descriptive and inferential (Tt-- test) statistical tests.

Results: The results of statistical tests showed that the highest application of stress coping strategies was for inconsistent stress coping strategy. There was a significant difference in the mean scores of coping strategies of stress focus, emotion focus, and ineffectiveness after Yoga exercises compared to with those before thatthe yoga sessions.

Discussion: With regard to the findings, eight 8 weeks exercises of Yoga can be considered as a complementary treatment to amend stress coping strategies. Further studies in this field are suggested.


Key words : Coping skills, intensive care units, nurses, yoga, coping skills, intensive care units, nurses

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