Survey of critical thinking and clinical decision making in nursing ‎student of Kerman University

Esmat Noohi, Maryam Karimi-Noghondar, Aliakbar Haghdoost



 The ability to think critically is an essential element in nursing education and ‎more specifically in nurses’ clinical decision making (CDM).‎


 Critical thinking (CT) and CDM ability as well as their relationship were ‎examined among nursing students of Kerman University.‎

Settings and Design: Study was designed in four towns: Kerman, Bam, Jiroft, and Zarand, ‎settled in Kerman province.‎

Materials and Methods:

 This research was a cross-sectional descriptive correlation study. ‎‎300 nursing students with different level of education were asked to fill two questionnaires ‎including: (1) California Critical Thinking Skills Test (CCTST) and (2) Lauri and Salantera ‎‎(2002) CDM instrument. Statistical Analysis Used: Data were analyzed with SPSS12 and ‎descriptive and inferential statistics. Results: Nursing students yielded a low score (mean = ‎‎5/40 from 20) of CT and a mild score (mean = 12.8 from 20) of CDM. We found positively ‎correlation between male and CT and CDM score with mean score of the nursing student. ‎Also CDM score in male was more than female but not significant, and Jirofts CDM ‎nursing student was significantly better than other city.‎


 Although students that answers evaluation question in CCTST better can ‎gave better CDM score but there isn't relationship between CT and CDM of nursing ‎student. The finding showed that mean score of nursing student CT was low. Reason can be ‎either due to the defects of nursing education program, teaching, and learning strategies.‎

Key words: Clinical research, decision making, nursing education, nursing students, ‎thinking

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