The relationship between organizational trust and nurse administrators' productivity in hospitals

Susan Bahrami, Marzieh Hasanpour, Saeed Rajaeepour, Taghi Aghahosseni, Nilofar Hodhodineghad



Management of health care organizations based on employee's mutual trust will increase the improvement in functions and tasks.


The present study was performed to investigate the relationship between organizational trust and the nurse administrators' productivity in educational health centers of in the Health-Education Centers of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences.

Settings and Design:

This research was a descriptive and correlational study.

Methods and Material:

 The population included all nurse administrators'. In this research, 165 nurses were selected through random sampling method. Data collection instruments were organizational trust questionnaire based on Robbin's model and productivity questionnaire based on Hersy and Blanchard's model. Validity of these questionnaires was determined through content validity and theirs reliability was calculated through Cronbach's alpha.  Statistical analysis used: The data analysis was done using the SPSS (18) statistical software.


The indicators of organizational trust such as loyalty, competence, honesty, stability were more than average level but explicitness indicator was at average level. The components of productivity such as ability, job knowledge, environmental compatibility, performance feedback and validity were more than average level but motivation factor was at average level and organizational support was less than average level. There was a Significant multiple correlations between organizational trust and productivity. Beta coefficients among organizational trust and productivity were significant and no autocorrelation existed and regression model was significant.


 Committed employees, timely performing of tasks and developing sense of responsibility among employees can enhance production and productivity in the health care organizations.

Key-words: Trust, Nurse Administrators, Hospitals

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