A Study of Relationship Between the Organizational Justice and Organizational citizenship behavior among nurses in selected hospitals of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

Maryam Yaghoubi, Mina Afshar, Marzieh Javadi


Numerous researches have  beencarried outto indicate that organizational justice(OJ) is a variable that anticipatesmany other  variables  in organizations especially in hospitals. OrganizationalCitizenshipBehavior(OCB)is one of  the most important variables.This paperaimed to study the relationshipbetween OJand OCBof nursesin selectedhospitals in Esfahan.


This was a descriptive co-relational study.The  researchwas conducted amongnurses of selected  hospitals in Esfahan . Data weregathered through two  questionnairesofOJ, andOCB . T– test ,chi-square and Pearson correlation  test were employed to analysis the data throughSPSS ver13 .


In general, the mean score(SD) of OJamong nurses was 41.2(16.2)and the mean score of OCB was57.7(18).Finally, there was  nosignificant  relationship between OJ, civil virture and sportsmanship. Therewas  asignificant  relationship between OJ, OCB, courtesy and conscientiousness


Since the score of OCB and OJ among nurses were averagein  selected hospitals,the managers of the hospitals should improve  the perception of justice among nurses.Today, organizations need efficient  and expert  workers to achieve their goals , to grow and improve in all aspects. In fact the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations depend on the staffs especially in hospitals.

Key Word:

Organizational Justice, Organizational Citizenship Behavior , nurses.

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